Eye Care, Blindness and Vision Loss Organisations

Blind Veterans UK

Blind Veterans UK believe every blind veteran should be able to lead the life they choose. They are here to help veterans of every generation overcome sight loss.

Helpline Telephone Number:0300 111 22 33

NHS Inform Eye Care

Illnesses, conditions and disorders of the eyes.

Retina UK

Retina UK support people affected by inherited progressive sight loss and we invest in medical research to ensure that people can lead a fulfilling life.

Telephone Number:01280 821334
Helpline Telephone Number:0300 111 4000

Royal National Institute of Blind People in Scotland (RNIB)

RNIB Scotland works on behalf of 180,000 people in Scotland with sight loss. They deliver services their members needs and campaign for their civil and welfare rights. They support children, young people and adults with sight loss to live full and independent lives, and work with others to help minimise preventable sight loss.

Helpline Telephone Number:0131 652 3140.
Email Address:[email protected]

Royal Society for Blind Children

The Royal Society for Blind Children offers a range of services including emotional support and practical advice for families, opportunities for children and young people to build confidence and skills through activities, and a specialist further education college.

Telephone Number:020 3198 0225
Email Address:[email protected]


Supporting people who have learning disabilities or autism, who may also have sight loss.
Our broad range of support enables people to live full lives and achieve things they never thought possible.

Telephone Number:01372 755 000
Email Address:[email protected]